Please take note that, Turnitin software is used to detect the similarity level of students’ writing with the existing publications such as books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and others. The permissible similarity index-SI is 29% and below. In addition, starting from 1st November 2017, students do not have to access Turnitin software individually but instead, students need to submit the softcopy of their thesis/ dissertation/ project paper to IPS through E-mail :-

Following details are required for submission:

  • Student’s matric card number.

  • Student’s full name.

  • Title of thesis/ dissertation/ project paper.

  • Materials/ writings to be checked by Turnitin [attach chapter 1 until last chapter that has been compiled together in one (1) format, either by Word or PDF].

The result of Turnitin will be e-mailed to the students within three (3) working days. Students that get the result of Turnitin that exceeds 29%, need to do correction and alteration with the advice of their supervisors and then resubmit to IPS. Students that have registered for project paper submission will need to send the softcopy of the project paper three (3) weeks before (weeks 10) the final date of submission (please refer to the academic calendar).

For any enquiry please contact supervision unit (05-4505485/5480)

Thank you.