Assalamualaikum and Good Day,

The above matter is kindly referred.

2.            Please be advised that all UPSI operations including laboratory / studio / school / clinical and face-to-face teaching are not allowed (subject to updated government orders) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has indeed affected the teaching and learning processes including students’ research.

3.            The Management of the University is concerned and aware of the problems faced by the students. In this regard, we are pleased to inform that the University’s management has agreed to the following: –

3.1 Students are allowed to defer the Semester 2 Session 2019/2020 and such deferment will not be considered in the calculation of the maximum duration of the study.

3.2 Since Semester 2 Session 2019/2020 is not calculated in the students’ study period, the tuition fee for this semester will be carried forward to Semester 1 Session 2020/2021.

4.    Therefore, students who wish to apply for deferment (must be approved by the Supervisor/Faculty), please apply online through MyUPSI Portal by the seventh week of the semester. According to the new academic calendar of the Postgraduate Studies Programme, the seventh week is due on June 21, 2020. Students may select “Special Case” under the type of deferment. This application is for mainstream students only.

5.       Attached is the User Manual for Deferment of Study/Withdrawal Request for student’s reference (MyUPSI Portal). Should you have any questions regarding the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at +6011-58559405 or Thank you.