1. Thesis / Dissertation Guidelines
2. Presentation Guidelines Proposed Thesis/Dissertation
3. Thesis Guidelines for Master of Arts & Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Art Studio)
4. Thesis Guidelines for Master of Music (Performance) & Master of Music (Composition)
5. Dissertation Guidelines for Master of Performance Studies

6. How to Write an Abstract

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7. Thesis / Dissertation Format – Text Guide

8. Step By Step Thesis/Dissertation Submission

Notice of Thesis/Dissertation Submission

Submission of Thesis/Dissertation

Submission of Final Thesis/Dissertation

9. Manual Log Book Student
10. Amended Regulation for Assessment Dissertation/ Thesis
11. Garis Panduan Etika Penyelidikan Program Siswazah
12. Garis Panduan Penyeliaan Program Siswazah
1. Flowchart Presentation Of Student Research Proposal
2. Thesis/Dissertation Process
3. English Proofreading Services
4. Project Paper Preparation Guideline Master By Coursework
5. Thesis Examiner’s Meeting
1. Front Cover Of A Dissertation/Thesis
2. Title Page
3. Declaration
4. Acknowledgement
5. Table Of Contents
6. List Of Tables
7. List Of Diagrams
8. Spine Less Than 25mm
9. Spine More Than 25mm
1. FAQ