1.1) Examination Schedule        

Candidates need to take alert regarding the exam schedule to avoid any confusion about the date and time.

Candidates are advised to always visit IPS website or UPSI portal for latest updates relevant to the exam.

Student’s failure to check their exam schedule cannot be an excused for them for not to attend examination and no repeat examination allowed.

1.2) Attendance

Candidates must arrive at the examination centre exactly on the time given. However, candidates were advised to come 30 minutes early before examination starts. After 30 minutes of examination starts, candidates will be prohibited from entering the hall/examination room.

1.3) Important Documents that need to bring

Candidates need to bring their Matric ID and examination slip to sit for an exam. Examination slip is an official document that is compulsory to bring to examination hall. Candidates who do not have all document stated will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.

1.4) Devices that are allowed to bring into Hall

Candidates only allowed to bring stationery such as pencil case or small bag that contain pen, pencil, ruler, calculator (without cover) or any devices and stationery that are allowed by the Head of Examination/Examination Prefect. (Candidates are prohibited from bringing any mobile phones or any other communication devices into the examination hall).

1.5) Entering the Hall

Candidates are only allowed to enter examination hall 15 minutes before exam starts and sit quietly and properly to your designated seat. Check your seat number based from the examination slips.



2.1) Fill in the required information

After taking your seat, candidates are required:

i. Please put your student card and examination slip placed it at the right corner of your table.

ii. Complete the attendance form and place it at the right corner of your table.

iii. Write your matric number, group number (if have), course name and code on every answer sheets used.

2.2) Interaction between Friends/Supervisor

Candidates are not allowed to make any interaction with others candidate during the exam. If the candidates want to ask for help or inquiries, please raise your hands.

2.3) Eating, Drinking and Smoking

Candidates are prohibited to eat, drink and smoking during the exam.

2.4) Beginning and the End of Examination

Head of Examination/Prefect will make an announcement when the exam starts and end.

2.5) Candidate is allowed to leave exam hall if :

i. The examination was held for an hour

ii. If you request want to went to the toilet, please ask permission from Head of Examination/Prefect permission and must be accompanied by the examination prefect. Candidates are not allowed to get out 30 minutes before examination ends and you can go out when all the question and answer paper are collected and counted.

2.6) Answer Scripts

Candidates need to tied their answers sheets using the thread given properly (if have) and neatly and placed it at the right corner of your table.

2.7) Sick Candidates

Candidates who fall ill or frail when the examination shall report to the Head of Examination in charge.



3.1) Candidates are not allowed to get out from exam hall/examination room until being informed the Head  of Examination.

3.2) Candidates need to collect all their student card and examination slip before leave the exam hall/ examination room

3.3) Candidates are required to leave the examination hall with polite and orderly.

3.4) Candidates are prohibited from carrying out of the examination papers examination answer either empty or had been used

3.5) Candidates are allowed / not allowed to take home examination papers (subject to the direction of the paper)



4.1) A candidate who is unable to take the exam for any course that is registered shall give the reasons for failure to attend the examinations. Write a letter to the Faculty and attached with any supported valid documents before or within seven days after the examination of courses conducted. Candidate considered absent without leave and repeat examination cannot be held if they fail to do so.

4.2) A candidate who cannot take the exam because of errors or carelessness is also not allowed to take any repeat exam and will failing the course.

4.3) Even though your marks for exams and coursework that you had before examination exceed 60 %(passing grade).



Academic cheating students mean actions that violate Act 6 and Act 8 of the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Student Discipline) 1999, :

5.1) Item 6,Students cannot plagiarize any idea, writing, data or someone creation. This means that plagiarize are :

a) The act of taking an idea, writing, data or invention of another person and claiming that the idea, writing, data or invention is the result of the own findings or creation   

b) an attempt to make out or the act of making out in such a way, that he is the originator or the creator of an idea, writing, data or invention which has actually taken from some other source.

5.2) Act 8, Students are prohibited from:

a) Taking any book, paper work, documents, photo or any things except you being given permission by the examiner to take in and out from the examination room.  Or,

Received any books, paper work, document, photos or any things from other person during the exam except you being given permission by the examiner except if it being recommend by the examiner or Audit Committee and authorized by the Vice Chancellor

b) Write or had written any information or diagram that related to any of the examination on any body part or clothes.

c) Make an interaction with other student (whether in face off or with other communication forms).

d) Cheating or attempting to cheat or behave in a manner that could be construed as cheating in an examination, the examination is being conducted including the use of electronic devices and communications. 

5.3) Report to the Disciplinary Authority (DA)

If any student found in violation of any rule, the supervisor / investigator shall report to the local authorities. If found to exist in the case of academic dishonesty, DA may recommend to the Senate that the accused be given the status KA (Academic Dishonesty). Students who are convicted by the local authorities given a grade of F or failure by the Senate. However this did not prevent local authorities to take action in accordance with Paragraph 48 Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Student Discipline) Regulations 1999.

5.4) Action in the case of Academic Fraud needs to be done by the local authorities within two (2) weeks after the examination or after receiving a complaint from complainant.

5.5) A student who commits an offense under Act 6 and 8 and found guilty of the offense shall be liable to any one or any combination of two or more appropriate penalties as follows:

a) Warning

b) Fined RM200

c) Prohibited from any department or any University specific department from time given               

d) Suspended from being University student from time given

e) Expelled by the University.


6.1) University only allowed to some certain reason for a Replacement Exam especially for emergency cases :

a) Students that faced with health problems and obtained confirmation from government doctor or   university medical officer who stated the condition of their physical and mental.

b) Students that faced with their parent death or any close relatives or any reasonable reason from the student that cannot attend the exam.

c) Carry out any activities directed by the University. Students must apply to the faculty to sit for replacement. Alternate exam must be taken within two (2) weeks after the exam.


7.1) Students must submit an appeal to review the final results of any course to the Institute of Graduate Studies by filling in the prescribed form within two (2) weeks after the results were announced.

7.2) Student need to attach a slip payment cost about RM25.00 per course that have been applied for review. Appeal form will not be accepted if:

  • Form submitted after appeal period
  • Not complete; or
  • No attachment of slip payment

7.3) Dean Faculty must appointed examiner panel including original examiner for final review course.

7.4) The panel of examiners shall submit a recommendation for consideration by the Faculty. Faculty decision on the appeal was re-submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee (JPS) to Senate confirmation. Senate decision is final.

7.5) The decision on the review will be announced to the students after receiving confirmation from the Senate


8.1) Students who receive the status Failed and Terminated can appeal to the University through the Faculty in writing and subject to the results of the Graduate Studies Committee.

8.2) Students can appeal if they meet the following conditions:

a) A student is a student’s first semester and can repeat the course to improve the grade and are able to obtain a CGPA of 3.00 after the appropriate course.

b) to show evidence of research progress made and supported by the Supervisor of students. Students who do not present a research proposal will not be considered.

8.3) Appeals must be made within three (3) weeks from the date of notification of dismissal or after approval of the Senate. Any appeal received after the period referred to will not be considered.

8.4) Appeal to continue studies should be verified by the Supervisor (if applicable).

8.5) The appeal shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee and the fee is not refundable.

8.6) The decision on the review will be announced to the students after receiving confirmation of the Graduate Studies Committee.