1. Semester Registration

  2. Courses Registration -> user manual,  video tutorial

  3. Individual Lecture Timetable

  4. Exam Schedule

  5. Examination Result

  1. Lecture Note, Online Forum, Tutorial, Assignment Submission

  2. E-Portfolio

  3. Online Evaluation Survey

  1. Turnitin

  2. IGS Announcement

  3. Examination Result


a. My Profile

  • Update Student Info (Permanent/Current Address, Email, Phone No. etc)

b. Confirmation Letter

  • ​Validation of Student Status

  • Validation of Student Status(Sponsorship)

  • Validation of Student Status(Expected of Completion)

  • Research Verification(Within UPSI)

  • Research Verification(Outside UPSI)

  • Validation of Registration(EPF)

  • Validation of Meeting with Supervisor

  • Exemption of Lecture

c. Academic Calendar

d.Academic Progress

  • Registered courses (for Previous Semester)

  • Coursework (Assignment Marks for Each Courses)

e. Timetable

  • Individual Timetable

f. Research Supervision

g. Research Progress Report

h. Student Training


a. Financial Information

b. Payment

c. Confirmation Letter

  • Validation of Fees


a. Vehicle Registration ->user manual

b. Summon


a. Student Email