To become an outstanding institute in graduate education to achieve the university’s vision.

To generate faster knowledge through teaching, research, publication, consultancy and community services.

Institute of Graduate Studies devoted to be a great institute that are able to achieve the University’s vision and mission which is to be a prestigious University and expertise in graduate level.

  • To ensure that all Institute of Graduate Studies staff achieved 100% CPD score every year.

  • To ensure an increase in rate of student’s intake by 10% annually and to ensure the number of graduates increase up to 20% more than the current enrolled students.

  • To ensure that all management by Institute of Graduate Studies Academics being discussed and approved in the meeting of the Graduate Studies Committee JPS (University) at least once a month.

  • To ensure enrichment course can be conducted at least ten (10) times and induction course conducted two (2) times a year.

  1. Student’s application and offer letter can be checked through online and print it among/in 30 days before new student registration begin.

  2. New student’s registration process can be completed in one day.

  3. Class timetable will be issued to students in 7 days before class start.

  4. Examination slip can be review and print at least two (2) weeks before examination.

  5. Examination result will be issued at least seven (7) day before new semester begin.

  6. Decree and Viva Committee Meeting will be sent to the student in three (3) working days.

  7. Confirmation of Graduation Letter will be issued in three (3) working days after passed by Senate and submitted to students after meet the graduation requirements.

  8. Confirmation of the implementation of training / workshop / course will be informed to the student within five (5) days before the training / workshop / course conducted.

  9. Acknowledgment of customer complaint will be issued to the complainant within one (1) working day after receiving the complaint.